Basic research leads to cutting-edge innovation that needs to be translated to real world applications. Ecoscope is an NSERC-funded training program that serves UBC M&I trainees in multiple ways to support the continued need for innovation translation, including internships, business partnerships and bioinformatic training modules. 

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Microbiome research network

UBC appreciates the vast potential that is represented by an increased understanding of microbial communities. To support research teams that address questions related to microbial ecology, microbial evolution, and host-associated microbiomes,  UBC created the Microbiome Research Network. The goal of this network is to facilitate collaborative research, enhance trainee education and foster community engagement in support of UBC's endeavour to understand how microbial communities influence diverse processes, from climate change to personal health.

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mucosal immunology workshop

Quarterly meetings to hang out with like-minded researchers. Research groups from the Microbiology & Immunology department, the Experimental Medicine program, Michael Smith labs, BC Cancer, and BC Children's Hospital groups with a shared interest in Mucosal Immunology get together to discuss recent research developments and socialize. This is a great work-in-progress forum for trainees to present and get feedback on their projects.  The panel discussions have covered topics like emerging technologies, the role of ILCs in disease pathogenesis and how the current Canadian funding situation is impacting trainee career path choices.